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We provide a wide range of drug screening services that enable you to screen out new employees who use drugs, discourage current employees from using drugs, and identify those who do. All while maintaining compliance with DOT regulations if you’re regulated or just freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your business if you’re not. Employers not regulated by the DOT or another Federal or State entity also realize the value of enforcing a drug-free workplace. We mentioned above that several state programs offer workers’ compensation discounts as an incentive for employers. That’s because fewer accidents occur within companies that drug test their employees.


  • DOT Approved Saliva Alcohol Testing

  • DOT Breath Alcohol Testing 

  • Maryland Drug-Free Workplace Drug Screen

  • Coast Guard Drug Screen

  • Merchant Mariner Drug Screen

  • Random Selection and Testing

  • Specimen Collections Available Locally

  • Urine Drug Screen

  • 5 Panel Drug Screens

  • 9 Panel Drug Screens

  • 10 Panel Drug Screens

  • Saliva Drug Screen

  • 5 Panel Hair Drug & Alcohol Collection

  • Student Testing

  • Family Services and Social Agencies

  • Instant Drug Screen

  • Lab Based Drug Screen

  • Saliva Alcohol Testing

  • On-Site Drug Testing

  • Unregulated Drug Screen

  • Court Ordered/Probation Testing

  • Employment Screening Services

  • DOT Compliance

  • State & Federal

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